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Galaxy for Scientists

Topic Tutorials
Introduction to Galaxy Analyses 12
Assembly 17
Climate 9
Computational chemistry 8
SARS-CoV-2 9
Ecology 16
Epigenetics 9
Evolution 2
Genome Annotation 16
Imaging 7
Metabolomics 8
Metagenomics 13
One Health 9
Proteomics 27
Sequence analysis 5
Single Cell 28
Statistics and machine learning 17
Synthetic Biology 3
Transcriptomics 23
Variant Analysis 15
Visualisation 5

Galaxy Tips & Tricks

Topic Tutorials
Using Galaxy and Managing your Data 22

Data Science Survival Kit

Topic Tutorials
Foundations of Data Science 41
FAIR Data, Workflows, and Research 13

Galaxy for Developers and Admins

Topic Tutorials
Galaxy Server administration 48
Development in Galaxy 21

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Galaxy for Contributors and Instructors

Topic Tutorials
Contributing to the Galaxy Training Material 20
Teaching and Hosting Galaxy training 17

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