Train-the-Trainer: putting it all together

Creative Commons License: CC-BY Questions:
  • How can we apply all pedagogical concepts together for training?

  • Create a 5 minute training

  • Deliver a 5 minute training

  • Deliver and receive feedback

Time estimation: 60 minutes
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Published: Jun 12, 2023
Last modification: Oct 23, 2023
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Running a demo training

After going through all the lessons around teaching, you have already learned the following components:

  1. How learning works
  2. How to design effective trainings, based on well-defined Learning Outcomes (LOs) and concept maps
  3. How to assess the effectiveness of the learning process
  4. How to provide and receive constructive feedback

In this final exercise, you will be putting all those skills together, produce a mini-tutorial (5’), deliver it and receive feedback.

Hands-on: Prepare your training - *time 15 min*

Prepare your 5 minutes training based on the concept map created during the design session (~10-15 seconds introduction, 2.5 min training, 2 min assessment, and ~30 seconds closing)

Hands-on: Training delivery and feedback - *time 30 min - Groups of 4*

Each person does the 5 minutes delivery of the material they prepared in the previous session, and then everyone (including the person doing the delivery) provides feedback using the following structure:

  • One thing I liked
  • One thing that could be improved

Keep in mind, the feedback needs to be positive and be specific